Jacques Artruc


Faber-Castell Recognises Polychromos Excellence 

When it comes to Art & Graphic supplies, Faber-Castell has been trusted by artists the world over for 250 years for excellence and quality. Every product in their range is manufactured using only the finest quality materials, giving the artist the means to bring his creation to life. Faber-Castell’s polychromos range with it’s 60 brilliant colours, achieves the highest light fastness ensuring the artists’ masterpiece will be appreciated for years to come.

Faber-Castell recognises excellence in art and one such artist who stands out is Jacques Artruc from Johannesburg. Jacques is a self taught wildlife artist who only uses Faber-Castell Polychromos colour pencils. His works contain incredible detail, even boarding on super realism. This detail does not come without dedication and as such Jacques spends a few months at a time completing each masterpiece.

In recognition of his work, Faber-Castell recently presented Jacques with a limited edition collectors set of Polychromos pencils with which he can continue his fine work.

Jacques has applied his many years of experience in designing to develop his style, as is apparent in the highly detailed finishes of his artworks. He always strives to respectfully portray the splendour of the natural world with accuracy. He urges those who value his work to judge for themselves.

“I am nothing more than an interpreter of Beauty. Through my art I make every attempt not to lose the vision of the creator”

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